Wellness Pro Plus - Latest Features!


Full Micro Current Control

Similar to the Quartz Crystals. You can control lowering the current output and intensify the frequency output for sensitive areas.

Multi Auto - run multiple auto programs

Stack personal group codes one after the other. This feature would let you continuously run the Wellness Pro Plus all night without getting up to put in another group code.

Tested for Harmonic Accuracy

 If the lead singer of the Eagles was singing alone, that would be one frequency. When the Eagles sing together/harmonizing that would-be harmonics. Harmonics are in every living creature, organism, etc.  Most frequency generators (past and present) may have the single frequency but do not have the harmonics. Many researchers emphasized the power of harmonics for receiving the best results. The Wellness Pro Plus has been tested and certified for harmonic accuracy.  

1000 Pre-Programmed Auto Codes

1000 Pre-Programmed Auto Codes to choose from.  Program up to 1 million different frequencies for additional conditions.     

Utilize the standard 250 Single Channels

Have the option to utilize the standard 250 Single Channels from older Micro Current Generators.


The Wellness Pro Plus is laboratory tested to meet the highest industry standards FDA, CE, CAN/CSA ISO, ETL, IEC for ultimate accuracy and safety. 


Large Full Color Screen For Better Visual Clarity

DUAL mode (2 Units in one)

The Wellness Pro Plus has 2 independent output ports with an option to run separate personalized frequencies on each side for 2 users simultaneously.

FLUX Control - A set frequency range parameters to target

Program the Wellness Pro Plus to go up 3 -10 frequencies and go down 3-10 frequencies within each 3-minute cycle. Ex: Running the frequency of 10,000hz in 3 mode. The Wellness Pro would run (going up) 10,000, 10,001, 10,002 etc. and (going down) 10,000, 9,999, 9,998, etc.  

Backup & Restore

The Wellness Pro Plus utilizes a STIM card – to backup your personal codes. Many Practitioners utilize this feature to personalize group frequencies for each patient. If you have more than one Wellness Pro Plus or want to share you personal codes. You will save time using your backup STIM card to upload personal codes to another unit.

Enhanced Wave Types

Wave Types Include:   

Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex, and Continuous. Some researchers believe that the brain can get accustomed to a frequency and then ignore it. This feature bypasses the brain resistance by utilizing different wave types.

Dedicated Extension Port For 2 Upcoming Attachments

1. Cold Laser accessory for reducing facial wrinkles and pin pointing areas of pain.
2. A Programmable POD.
Practitioners can program specific frequencies for patients to have ongoing treatment at home.  

Programming your personal POD from the Wellness Pro is convenient for travel.
*FDA Clearance is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2020

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