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Manufactured by Electro Medical Technologies 

Frequency Blankets Back for a Limited Time

Quartz Crystals Generators & Cables


The Quartz Crystals communicate with each other. Separate the crystals a distance of 3' - 6 ' on each side of you while you sleep or in an activity.  The crystals broadcast 360 degrees through walls and floors as a radio would.  Be conscious of family members in other rooms. If it is a consideration, drop the intensity to 20-40%.  You can choose to keep the protected foam around the crystals for added protection. The protect foam does not interfere with broadcasting frequencies. 


The Quartz Crystal are fragile. They are hand-made and take hours to assemble. They are tested and thoroughly examined before being shipped. Damaged crystal that have been dropped, cracked or mishandled are non-refundable.