Testing Your Crystals and Blankets



Let me state up front that I am not a scientist or expert. I am your average Joe. The information you are reading below is based upon personal experience, information gathered from the web, and from the tech that assembles the crystals and blankets. There are many regulations in place that limit what can be explained.    

*The overview is for people who test or question the validity of the Quartz Crystals' and Blankets' broadcasting frequencies. 

What is a Spectrum Analyzer?

A Spectrum Analyzer is a device for analyzing a system of oscillations, especially sound, into its separate components in hertz. Recording Engineers and Musicians use a Spectrum Analyzer in recording studios to read sound. Musical frequencies are high in hertz and body frequencies are lower in hertz.

Every condition has a frequency. If you are using a Micro Frequency Generator you have idea of what I'm explaining. 

Medical Practitioners use a medical device similar to a Spectrum Analyzer to find a frequency radiating from a patient's body that match a condition. The practitioner uses this equipment to match and intensify the frequency (hertz) to neutralize the condition. Sound familiar?

A Medical Analyzer is costly and can run from $10,000 and upward to $25,000. 

The good news is...  

The tech found an inexpensive way to test for body frequencies using a hand-held auto spectrum analyzer. 

The bad news is...  

The company stopped manufacturing the spectrum analyzer we were using. Now we're on a mission to find the unit that will fit our needs.  

If you are interested in purchasing and learning how to use a Spectrum Analyze, text me at  732-684-7910 or email me at customercare@globalwellnesspro.com .  I will keep you informed as to when they are available and what the training cost will be. 

Your Body Absorbs Frequencies

Your body is a conductor for frequencies from electronic appliances in your house. 60hz is the electrical current throughout your home and your body absorbs that. 

If you were to test your body with a Spectrum Analyzer, 60hz would show high on the graph even if you are not near outlets.  Click on ENLARGED GRAPH below to see an example.

What's the Difference Between the Crystals and Blankets?

The Quartz Crystals and Frequency Blankets have no current.

You won’t feel any current from the crystals or blankets as you would from the cylinders or pads. For this reason pets sleep comfortably on the blankets. 


Quartz Crystals vs Frequency Blankets.

The quartz crystals broadcast up to 15 feet in all directions. The frequency blanket broadcast 3 feet up, 3 feet down and 1½ feet from each side engulfing you and/or your pet into a Frequency Dome.

*Some pets (especially dogs) can hear broadcasted frequencies from the crystals or blankets and will leave the room. 

Volt Sensor To Test Quartz Crystals & Blankets


What is a Volt Sensor?

 Volt Sensor Non-Contact Voltage Tester.  

  • Test for voltage without touching conductor
  • Audible and Visual Indication 
  • Can be used to test Quartz Crystals and Micro Frequency Blankets.

Purchase a Volt Sensor ($16-$20) from Home Depot or Amazon

Using a Volt Sensor

The Volt Sensor will light up and beep if you point it 3-6 inches near an electrical wall outlet.  When you move the Volt Sensor away from the wall outlet, it will stop beeping.  

Testing Quartz Crystals.

With your generator OFF for 5 minutes test your furthest crystal with the Volt Sensor and notice there is no sound. The crystal nearest to your generator may seem as if it is still broadcasting, but it is not. It’s coming from your generator’s power supply whether it’s OFF or ON.

With the Frequency Generator running a program, point the Volt Sensor towards the crystals (about 3").  The Volt Sensor will beep. The higher you raise the intensity on the generator, the stronger the beep.  If you move the Volt Sensor 3 to 6 inches away from the crystal, it will stop beeping while still broadcasting frequencies up to 15 feet.  

Testing the Frequency Blankets.

The Micro Current Blankets test differently.

With the Frequency Generator running a program, point the Volt Sensor to the top of the Blanket. The Volt Sensor will beep up to 3 feet above the Blanket and 1½ feet from the sides. The higher you raise the intensity on the generator, the stronger the beep.