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Latest WellnessPro Plus

The Latest WellnessPro Plus in injury trauma rehabilitation.

The Wellness Pro Plus by Electro Medical Technologies (Electro Med Tech)  as been FDA cleared as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)  device in that it uses electrical stimulation to relieve pain. 

The Wellness Pro Plus TENS Unit has been tested for harmonic accuracy.  Your probably asking yourself;  "What is Harmonics? "

*  Dr. Royal Raymond Rife emphasized the importance of the harmonics of each frequency. An example: if you were listening to the Eagles and the lead singer (Don Henley or Glenn Frey) was singing alone, that would be one frequency. When the Eagles are singing together/harmonizing, that would be harmonics. Your body vibrates at it’s own harmonic scale. Each organ, gland, etc… has it’s own specific frequency. Pain is one indicator that the frequencies of the body are out of balance. 

The WellnessPro Plus is digitally controlled and designed for the precise treatment to control even the most difficult pain, trauma and injury cases, including a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue and other health problems associated with PAIN. 

Advanced TENS Device

Unlike other TENS devices on the market that have a very limited frequency range.

The WellnessPro Plus Micro Current TENS Unit has the largest frequency range and unique delivery system that blocks pain signals and helps increase blood flow, and therefore  enhances various effects of the body that stimulate the cell to a state  of restoration and wellness.

How does it reduce pain and safely assist healing?

The Wellness Pro Plus Micro Current TENDS Unit assists the body to achieve homeostasis, which is its natural state of well- being, by correcting electrical abnormalities in area of disease or injury.  

“In the USA, a prescription for PAIN is required from a licensed practitioner.”

Download the  C-RX_-__Prescription 


  • YEARS ahead of the competition
  • Expandable and up-gradable
  • Flexible and Easy to USE
  • Full Micro Current Control
  • NEW Deep Pulse ION

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Wellness Pro Plus Features

* Multi Auto - run multiple auto programs. You can now stack group codes one after the other.

(This feature lets you continuously run the frequencies all night )

* Can program up to 1 million frequencies (TENS AND Micro Current).

* 1000 Pre-Programmed Auto Codes to choose from.

* Have the option to utilize the standard 250 Single Channels for programming.

* 100 Memory Slots for Personal programming, etc...

 * Quartz Crystals and Frequency Blankets are not

Manufactured by Electro Medical Technologies 

Wellness Pro Plus


Carrying Case is included with the Wellness Pro Plus Kit

Wellness Pro Plus Features 

 A Script for Pain is Needed from a  License Practitioner

Download: Medical Script 

Quartz Crystals Generators


Quartz Crystals broadcast frequencies without the restriction of holding the Metal Cylinder/Pads. Broadcasting frequencies up to 15ft.



10ft Cables


Cables come with or without couplings.  Couplings are needed to extend the distance of the crystals when using the Wellness Pro Plus.

* Frequency Blankets Back for a Limited Time! *


40" by 80" Adult /Pet Frequency Blanket * LIMITED ORDERS *

Frequency Blankets will engulf you and/or your pet into the Electrotherapy Technology.

Blankets are hand-made and orders will ship 6-8 weeks.

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Be prepared...


If you did your research, you know that the future of our drinking water is in trouble and becoming more saturated with additional contaminants each & every day.  If you are using a good water filtration system, you are on the right track. The Alkaline Ionized Water System provides more than just filtration. It also allows for added control of ph levels and charged ions in your drinking water.  Alkaline and Ionized water helps the body eliminate toxins and to ultimately heal itself.  NOW that IS something to think about...    

History of Electrotherapy

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is usually associated with the early  application of electric current.

The name of Benjamin Franklin is usually associated with the early application of electric current for therapeutic purposes. Franklin is  ...

Galvani and Volta

Luigi Galvani, an Italian professor of medicine,

 In 1786, Luigi Galvani, an Italian professor of medicine, found that  when the leg of a dead frog was touched by a metal knife, the leg  twitched violently. Galvani thought 

Ampere and Ohm

Andre Ampere and George Ohm
was the first to explain the electrodynamic theory

 Andre Marie Ampere, a French mathematician who devoted himself to the  study of electricity and magnetism, was the first to explain the  electrodynamic theory... 

Royal Raymond Rife

Dr. Rife was one of the scientific geniuses of the 20th century. He researched a cancer cure in 1920

Royal Raymond  Rife , born in 1888, was one of the greatest scientific geniuses of the  20th century. He began researching a cure for cancer in 1920, and by 1932 he had isolated the cancer virus. He learned ....

Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday, English scientist, credited for generating electric current on a practical scale.

The credit for generating electric current on a practical scale goes to 

the famous English scientist, Michael Faraday. Faraday was greatly interested in the invention of the ...

Tesla and Lakhovsky

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), electrical inventor, was born in Yugoslavia ,

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant  electrical inventor conceiving a new type of electric motor rotating  magnetic field produced by polyphase alternating currents.Constructing a prototype...

Harold Saxton Ph.D

Harold Saxton Ph.d, was professor emeritus of anatomy at Yale University School of Medicine

 Harold Burr was professor emeritus of anatomy at Yale University School  of Medicine. He became convinced that the glue holding bodies in ...

Frederick Finch Strong M.D.

Frederick Finch Strong was an eclectic and metaphysician.

Frederick Finch Strong was an eclectic and metaphysician who lectured on Cosmic Forces and vital force as the principal of existence for the bodies of plants, animals....

George Crile, Sr.

George Crile, Sr.  formulating the bipolar theory of body’s bioelectrical energies

George Crile, Sr. a famous physician worked for nine years formulating the all but forgotten bipolar theory of living processes and the body’s bioelectrical energies ...

Albert Abrams M.D.

Albert Abrams M.D discovered using a patient’s blood connected to circuit to achieve bio energetic

Albert Abrams M.D in the era of the radio frequency age, discovered he  using a patient’s blood sample connected to the circuit to achieve the same bio energetic connection as ...

Electrotherapy Chronology

A chronology overview of Electrotherapy starting  from  46 AD (Ancient Rome) to present.

A chronology overview of Electrotherapy starting  from 46 AD (Ancient Rome) to present.  Benjamin Franklen, Galvani and Volt, Amper and Ohm, Tesla, Royal Ramond Rife...

Electricity for Health


 Electricity For Health by Carole Punt,  a History of Electricity for healing.... www.naturalhealthproductions.com