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2019 Medical Necessity C-RX Prescription


In the USA, a prescription for PAIN is required from a licensed practitioner.  

Wellness Pro Plus Full Brochure

Wellness Pro Plus Brochure

Full brochure of the benefits of the Wellness Pro Plus.

Electricity for Health for the 21st Century

 Electricity For Health, by Carole Punt,

Electricity For Health,Carole Punt 

Electrotherapy Chronology

A chronology overview of  Electrotherapy.

A chronology overview of  Electrotherapy.

Wellness Pro Plus Overview

An overview of the Wellness Pro Plus

A quick overview of the Wellness Pro Plus

Wellness Pro Features


A in-depth explanation of the Wellness Pro Plus Features

Distributor App & 15-15 Finance Application & Medical Info

2019 Distributor Application


Become a distributor Application

2019 Distributor W-9 Form

W-9 Form

Fill out W-9 Form for your business 

15-15 Finance Application


Finance $3495 with 15-15 Month Plan

Electrode Blank Chart

Blank Chart for Electrode Placement

A  chart to download for personal use or someone else.

Electrode Placement Chart


 Electrode Placement Chart for using the Wellness Pro Plus 

WPP Pain Management

Wellness Pro Plus for Pain Management

Advantages of Integrating Wellness Pro Plus in PAIN MANAGEMENT with Bio-Electrotherapy

Wellness Pro Plus Instructional Video Bio-Electrotherapy

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