"2018 Wellness Pro+ Plus ® - Micro Current Frequency Generator"  FDA Cleared and Canadian CAN CSA Approved.

Wellness Pro 2010® Electrotherapy System
Frequency Blanket Accessory - by Quanta Paradigm  
 * Not manufactured by Electro Medical Technologies

Frequency Blankets will engulf you into the 
Electrotherapy Technology.

Whether you’re covering - laying on top or wrapping yourself with the blanket, the field generated surrounds you or your loved one.

The frequency field extends 3 feet above, 3 feet below and 1.5 feet out from the sides the blankets. This is an excellent strategy if you want to personalize you own frequencies and not effect others.

Each blanket is designed to be use with any Frequency Machine that utilizing banana plugs/wires as connectors for their accessories.  

You simply plug the banana plugs into the Frequency Machine and the other end into the female jacks located at the bottom of the blanket. 

Our blankets are hand made right here in the United States, using top quality 100% polyester fleece material.  Frequency blankets are machine washable, for ease in care and maintenance.

Single Adult Frequency Blanket

 Single Adult: This Blanket is perfect for utilizing your frequency generator while you read, sleep, etc.

Available in 4 colors
(Navy Blue, Ivory, Light Blue,Hunter Green)

* Top edge trimmed in satin as shown above.

* 38”w x 80” L

* Machine washable (instructions included)

Not only will you receive a top quality well constructed Blanket, each blanket is tested just prior to packaging to ensure the frequencies will operate at peak levels. 

Frequency Blanket
*Actual Colors may vary slightly

* Adult Single (38"W x 80"L ) ..................... $595.00
: Navy Blue, Ivory, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Hunter Green)


* Included are a pair of banana jacks/wires.