"2018 Wellness Pro+ Plus ® - Micro Current Frequency Generator"  FDA Cleared and Canadian CAN CSA Approved.

Wellness Pro 2010® Electrotherapy System
2018 Wellness Pro+ Plus Features                                                                                                                                                                     
Why is the * 2018 Wellness Pro+ Plus * the #1 choice of health care professionals worldwide?

** Hard Case Included **                                 3 Year Warranty


• Years ahead of the competition    
• Expandable and upgradable
• Flexible and Easy to USE            
• Full Micro Current Control
• NEW Deep Pulse ION            
• New Product Attachments

2018 New Features!
• Full Micro Current Control.
• Multi Auto - run multiple auto programs one after the other.
• DUAL mode (Interferential) – running two units (up to 8 lead output) at one time.
• FLUX - set frequency range parameters for unit to target.
• Backup / Restore.
• STIM card - personalize custom card to each patient or back up data.
• Enhanced wave types: Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, Duplex, and Continuous.
• Designed with custom programmable functions for simple or advanced use.
• New ultra conductive lead wires for unmatched high level of frequency delivery.
• Large full color screen for better visual clarity.
• Dedicated extension port for new upcoming accessories and new devices*.

Strong Foundation, Proven Technology, Even Better Results!
• FDA, CE, CAN/CSA, ISO 13485, ETL, UL, IEC cleared, certified and approved!
• Easiest to use on the market.
• NEW Deep Pulse ION technology.
• Quick Start Chart allows you to begin using the device immediately.
• i-Guide prompt system walks you through all steps of usage and programming.
• New easy to use custom programmable functions.
• Improved wave types.
• 1000 auto codes to choose from.
• One million frequencies (TENS and Micro Current).
• Multi lead output - Choose from 2 to 8 lead outputs for multiple stimulation points on
  the body and enhanced penetration ratio.
• New accessories and Pure Silver Surface HD (High Dispersion) electrodes for
   deeper frequency penetration and even faster results.
• NEW Extra Large Color screen displays detailed session information.
• Backlit push buttons for added safety and clarity.
• Units and accessories built and laboratory tested to meet the highest industry
  standards FDA, CE, CAN/CSA ISO, ETL, IEC for ultimate accuracy and safety.
• Unit designed for the future to expand and support NEW devices and attachments.

Electrode Placement                                                     
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